“This is how I imagine paradise!”


  …these were the words of the Director of "Federation of Nature and National Parks of Europe" (EUROPARC) Mr. Etkin Clark, during his visit to the Tara National park


    When Tara's national park was established in 1981, nobody, save for the people who spend their lives on the slopes of this mountain beauty, and a relatively small number of enthusiasts and scientists, knew the origin of its name. The legend says that, on the account of the multitude of its unique beauties, Tara became the dwelling (and a sanctuary) of the good Illyrian god Tar, who decided to reside here for eternity and upon which the mountain was named. This is why Tara is often referred to as the “divine mountain” or a “gift from god” – “Dono di Dio” (ital.).


Tara has always been attractive for tourists, for hunting, fishing, its magic herbs, picturesque landscapes…


     The highest peak of the Tara Mountain is Kozji Rid, 1591 meters high. Tara Mountain is shelter for 135 bird species and 52 mammals, amongst them the most attractive are: eagles, hawks, capercaillie, chamois and brown bear. The main part of its area is covered by forest and plant ecosystems, including: Pancic’s spruce, hazel, yew, holly, knapweed of Derventa and peony.




    Mitrovac is situated on the 28th km of the Bajina Basta – Zaovine road, 1080m above the sea level. It is specific for its climate and a large number of sunny days.

    There is a Hunting house and Belgrade children vacation and rehabilitation center. From Mitrovac, you can take field trips to all parts of Tara. The biggest atraction is visit to Kozija stena, and Tepih livada (carpet meadow).



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